About NeoJamal

"Celebrating Arabic creativity; Make art, not war. "

Neo means new in Latin, Jamal means beauty in Arabic that sums up our quest to discover the latest and most innovative talents of the Middle East for you.

Partnering with prestigious art institutions, galleries and organisations, Neo Jamal showcases both established and emerging artists and their “must have” pieces to please refined art connoisseurs and those with a desire to invest into talents of the region.

Neo Jamal launches a new cultural revolution uniting the happy, cool and fun side of Arabic art to support progress, talents, cultural acceptance and peace in the region.


Submit artwork or suggest an artist

Are you an artist based in the Middle East or do you have Middle Eastern roots? Is your art or artwork somehow related to the Middle East or Arabic culture?
If so, please feel free to share your HAPPY, FUN & COOL art with us. If your art is in line with our philosophy, it will be our pleasure to share it with a wider audience.

Would you like to suggest an artist, art event or competition to share? Please do so, we are interested in your thoughts.

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Join the team

Would you like to join the team?

NeoJamal is a non-profit art community promoting cultural acceptance and peace within the region.

We are looking for editors, videographers, social media enthusiast and art party goers. Do you have a few hours to spare? Would you like to complete an internship at NeoJamal?

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